Navigating Relationships is Sometimes Awkward and Difficult

And now it feels harder than ever to connect with others.

Join us on the path forward as we set new standards for what we know about intimacy, sexuality and self love and how we share them. Expect a few giggles, get answers to your most common & challenging questions with science based answers, and always in a judgement free zone.

Welcome to Loving!

We’re Dr. Joni Frater & Esther Lastique, Authors & Sexologists

Over the past 10 years, we have toured the continental US with our college speaking programs on sex & relationships. We have engaged with thousands of students, fielding questions and situations that they have encountered and never got answers for. While we have witnessed progress in behaviors & attitudes, we believe today’s young adults are struggling more than ever to define healthy relationships and master the art of negotiating enthusiastic & affirmative consent.

We named our online school to reflect what we hope to share – life lessons on Loving Right!

Our Mission

Celebrating & Supporting Students on an Exploratory Path to Intimacy through Love, Laughter & Science

“Sex Ed Boot Camp has been one of the best and most well received sexual health programs we have offered on FAMU’s campus. Joni and Esther offer an exceptional program that is factual, powerful, and engaging. They work with our staff to ensure that the program presented meets identified campus needs then…POW!!! I have students tweeting for the next several weeks about things they learned in the program. We also see an increase in the number of students that visit the clinic for consultations, STD and HIV testing after a campus visit from Sex Ed Boot Camp. We have had Esther and Joni on campus for several years now and their reception get bigger and better each year. We schedule their program to kick off our month long sexual health initiative targeting incoming freshmen. We love to have them back each year.”

Tanya Tatum, Director of Health Services Florida A & M University

Our Philosophy

  • Sexuality is a lifelong journey. Information is power, and we believe that comprehensive, inclusive and judgement free sex education is the right of every individual on this planet and essential to creating a lifetime of sex positive experiences.
  • It is time to shift how we teach and model pursuing relationships, intimacy & sexual connection. The current conversation is focused on pain & consequence avoidance. Our proposed paradigm shift is to view forging bonds from the perspective of pursuing joy & connection from a place of mutual respect. This means looking inward first, determining what our needs are, and having the confidence to share them while encouraging others to do the same. This inherently brings joyful consent to the heart of every relationship, where we enter with open and curious hearts.
  • Embracing our sexuality is a challenging exploration and we are here in support of this journey with medically accurate information, humor and a great deal of love.
  • Be the change you wish to see – the more love we show ourselves & one another, the faster we can heal our families, campuses, communities & our planet.
  • Everyone deserves to feel safe when seeking pleasure and intimacy. Learning to set boundaries, how to communicate them effectively and celebrating healthy forms of consensual sexuality is the living example of affirmative & enthusiastic consent. Joyful consent is a requirement for all sexual connections and a form of respect that honors the divinity in us all.
  • You have dominion over your body and only you get to decide who is worthy of sharing it. When you decide to do so is up to you.
  • We believe that learning to love authentically starts with learning to love ourselves. We teach others how to treat us = and while we can’t change other people’s actions, we can decide what behaviors we will no longer tolerate. Hate speech and inappropriate touch are unacceptable & cannot continue to be our societal norms.
  • There is power in kindness – be gentle with yourself & each other on this journey. It takes so little effort to make someone smile, to remind each other that you see all the wonderful qualities that make them unique & loveable, not just their flaws.
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