Joyful Consent
Skills to Invite Intimacy with Clarity & Confidence

Level Up Your Confidence, Feel Empowered To Set and Share Your Boundaries & Celebrate Your Choices!

Building relationships and navigating your sexuality can be a difficult journey. Living in a world where sex is everywhere but healthy role models are not, many of us wonder how we are supposed to form deep & satisfying relationships.

We Get It, and We are Here to Help.

This self-directed online course offers several paradigms framing consent and discusses real world applications in a touch phobic world. Gain the confidence to speak up in your relationships and to clearly express your needs and desires.

In this short video, Dr. Joni & Esther discuss why they created this course & what it can do for you…

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Lifetime access to the course & all materials
  • Learn from the comfort of your device at your own pace with no judgement.
  • Affordable – We want to keep our courses accessible to students directly. You have the power to find your own educational resources. (If you believe your school should offer this class, please have them contact us!)

This Course Includes

  • Over 2 hours of video content in bite sized topic specific conversations
  • PDF downloads of Handouts & Optional Activities
  • Email support for your questions directly with Dr. Joni & Esther
Ready to Learn?

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Understand why consent is important and how to identify consensual and non-consensual behavior.
  2. Gain a trauma informed understanding of the emotional, legal and societal ramifications of non-consensual behaviors.
  3. Feel empowered to set your own boundaries around sexual activity and confidently share them with other people.
  4. Develop communication skills to be able to design your own perfect sexual encounters if & when you are ready.
  5. Gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully negotiate consent.

““Sex Ed Boot Camp was an extremely positive, open, and beneficial program for our students! I always love to hear what the students say about the program afterward – ‘They should make this mandatory’, ‘I’m telling my friend to talk to these ladies.’ They turn a difficult conversation into one that is educational and safe. Not only do the students love it, Esther and Joni are extremely easy to work with and deeply care about the success of the program! It has been a pleasure working with them over the past few years!” ”

Anne Bodensteiner Health Education, University of North Dakota

What's Included?

Here’s What You'll Learn

Section 1


Here we set the stage for the course, discussing Learning Objectives & why consent is so important. We address the vital fact that everyone needs this conversation, even if you are abstinent. We also discuss how this program is trauma informed, and that trigger warnings will be issued for segments that may affect survivors of sexual trauma. A dose of love and self-care tips are included!

Section 2

Embracing Consent – The Clearest Path from Unrealistic Expectations to Healthy Sexuality

This is where the Paradigm Shift Happens as we confidently redefine intimacy & healthy sexuality. We will explore unrealistic expectations and how society sets us up to feel inadequate, insecure & unworthy. We will also reveal how mastering consent has the power to transform all your relationships. This segment also covers the Legal Consequences of violating consent.

Section 3

Consent in Action

Here we give a formal definition of consent & real-life applications including what non consensual behavior looks like. Silence is not consent! We also provide a great acronym to live by so all your encounters are consensual.

Section 4

Temptations & Behaviors That Affect Your Ability to Give Consent

In this segment we cover all the temptations that can affect your judgement, your moral compass, and your ability to give consent. Included are discussions about alcohol/drug use, with tips for partying safely, age of consent and all things digital - from social media & sexting to revenge porn & cyberstalking.

Section 5

#MeToo – The Overwhelming Numbers & Seeking Justice

We discuss the overwhelming prevalence of sexual & dating violence among US youth & college students and how you can prevent becoming a statistic. We will also discuss Title IX – Understanding the law, your legal rights & your power to create change.

Section 6

Negotiating Consent: Yes Means Yes – A New Perspective

This is where we have some fun! The Pre Sex Talk is your path to affirmative & enthusiastic consent and we show you how to have this conversation in a non sexual situation before taking your clothes off! We will also cover the mixed messages about touch & human sexuality and why some people are hesitant or downright uncomfortable with touch.

Also included is a lively and open dialogue about sexual orientation & gender identity. Then we get down to the nuts & bolts of how to have a pre sex talk. This is going to be your most intimate interview! What do you want to know about someone new before you get naked? How do you share uncomfortable truths that may affect your boundaries, like an abuse history or STI status, with a potential partner?

We will also cover the best ways to communicate moving forward and parameters you might want to create, like picking a safe word. We will cover the range of intimate acts people do together, safer sex & what being prepared looks like. We will show you that Negotiating Consent is as Easy as Designing Your Perfect Pizza together! We will also cover how to renegotiate your current relationship agreements knowing what you know now to ensure your boundaries are being respected.

Section 7

Final Thoughts to Set You Free

We conclude with an assessment of your first pre sex talk attempts and conversations about deservability, self esteem and learning to FLY as you seek pleasure and joy. Embrace the power to soar and let us know how you feel!

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This program is a virtual, self-directed way for students to engage in conversations about Consent & sexual violence prevention This meets Title IX/Clery Act guidelines. It can also serve as a resource for agencies and counselors who work with young adults struggling with issues surrounding consent.

We are happy to offer institutional rates for bulk enrollment. Please contact us to discuss multi user discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about the Course and What to Expect after Your Purchase

This course is designed for anyone who feels they need clarification about consent and seeks more tools on how to set boundaries and safely explore their sexuality. Our traditional student has been 18 – 25 and all genders and orientations are welcome. This is a sex positive course based on medically accurate information.

No, you can access the course anytime, any where you can connect to the internet.

Once you purchase the course and create your account and profile, you’ll get access to the entire course, all its modules and supporting PDF’s. You can log in any time, from any computer that has an internet connection.

The video lectures are short intimate conversations with PDF handouts covering the high points & offering helpful resources. You can print these out or download them for future use or to share with a friend. You will also find PDF optional activities to encourage introspection and clarity.

After you purchase, you'll get instant access to the course materials. You'll also be sent a confirmation email, which you'll need to click in order to get access to the course again in future.