Loving The Skin You're In
Embracing Self Care in a Touch Deprived World

Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection with Self Care! Daily Acts of Self Love Empower You to Blossom into the Best Version of You!

Are you craving touch & the intimacy of connection? You’re not alone! Social distancing has made us all feel emotionally isolated and missing one of the most important parts of human relationships – touch. With no loving hugs, encouraging pats on the back, or soft touches of comfort, many of us are lonely & sad. Part of that is because we’re missing the beneficial brain chemistry that we get from consensual touch. Human beings are hard wired to need physical contact – even more so during a pandemic!

We Get It, and We are Here to Help.

This self-directed online course offers a fresh & inspirational perspective on self-love and the value of incorporating more touch into your self-care routines. YOU DON’T NEED OTHER PEOPLE TO SATISFY YOUR NEED FOR TOUCH! Join us as we explore the power of touch = the mixed messages, the benefits, and the science that shows us what’s possible…

In this short video, Dr. Joni & Esther discuss the power of touch, why they created this course & what it can do for you…

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This Course Includes

  • 7 lectures of video content in bite sized topic specific conversations
  • PDF downloads of Handouts & Optional Activities
  • Email support for your questions directly with Dr. Joni & Esther
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Course Learning Objectives

  1. Understand why self-care is important and how physical touch can play a key role, especially while we are practicing social distancing.
  2. Gain a trauma informed understanding of the mixed messages around touch in our culture & how other cultures view consensual touch differently.
  3. Develop a full understanding of male & female anatomy as it pertains to sexual health and response.
  4. Discover the science behind our need for touch and why it’s the one sense we can’t live without.
  5. Feel empowered to explore and understand your own body so you can comfortably inhabit the skin you are in with love & compassion for yourself.
  6. Develop self-care routines that can ground you in your body, improve your mind- body- spirit connection & provide you with the brain chemistry benefits of seeking joy.
  7. Gain a deeper understanding of self-love, introspection and the path to becoming the best version of you.
What's Included?

Here’s What You'll Learn

Section 1

Self Care as an Act of Self Love

Trapped amid all the noise of social media, advertising & pop culture, we can easily find ourselves filled with self-loathing when we look in the mirror. Body shaming is real, and society’s expectations are hard to measure up to. It is time to redefine how we see beauty = and realize that it starts with you. Loving the skin you’re in is an act of bravery – and an act of defiance! Reclaim your right to experience touch as a part of your journey of self-exploration – you won’t be disappointed!

Section 2

Mixed Messages About Touch

We will explore how cultural norms affect our perspective on acceptable touch and how the US is a stark contrast to other cultures. From our obsession with sex in all forms of media to our abstinence only /just say no attitude to all but a few forms of sexual expression, it is difficult to find self-affirming messages about bodies & sexuality. Any conversation about touch must include talking about consent. We will briefly look at how nonconsensual touch during our formative years can affect how we feel about our bodies, intimacy, and safety.

Section 3

The Science of Touch

There is hard science supporting why we need touch to thrive. Touch– the universal language of compassion - is also our most powerful form of communication. Explore the brain chemistry that makes us feel happy and the power of touch to transform how we interact.

Section 4

Getting Acquainted:
Learning About Your Body & What it Needs to Feel Love

Reclaim your dominion over your body & create your own inner messages about what touch means to you. Learn about your body as self-care – knowing what your body is like when you’re healthy – so you can seek out care if things change. This segment also includes a frank conversation about embracing & celebrating your sexuality – as you define it – with or without a partner. Exploring your sexuality as a solo pleasure seeker is a great way to experience touch – and the amazing brain chemistry that comes with it – while we continue to practice social distancing. Additional benefits include learning what you like and gaining confidence to share that information with a partner when that opportunity presents itself.

Section 5

Getting Grounded: Taking Care of Yourself from the Inside Out

Over the course of the pandemic, many of us have had physical & emotional challenges when it comes to taking care of ourselves. When we reimagine self-care as acts of self-love, we can consider making changes to our routines as a path to a better version of ourselves. We will look at a variety of methods – from what we eat, how much we sleep, how we move and how we find entertainment – that will help us feel more grounded in our bodies while nurturing our hearts & our spirit.

Section 6

Conclusion: Learn to FLY -
First Love Yourself!

We believe that Everything about you that makes you feel other IS EXACTLY WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL, AMAZING & UNIQUE. Embrace your inner Unicorn and learn to FLY… plus a few extra tips to light your path forward to becoming the best version of you!

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This program is a virtual, self-directed way for students to engage in conversations and introspection exercises about self-love & self-care. It can also serve as a resource for agencies and counselors who work with young adults struggling with issues surrounding worthiness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This course is designed for anyone who feels they need clarification about consent and seeks more tools on how to set boundaries and safely explore their sexuality. Our traditional student has been 18 – 25 and all genders and orientations are welcome. This is a sex positive course based on medically accurate information.

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