Sex Ed Boot Camp
The College Experience

A Young Adult’s Inclusive Guide to Intimacy.
Our Perspective About Pleasure Starts with Medically Accurate Information & NO Judgement!

College is a time in our lives when we get to discover what makes us happy, from our favorite sports teams and music, to the classes that ignite our creativity and social causes that we become passionate about. It is the time in our lives when we figure out who we are and what turns us on in all aspects of life! When it comes to dating, sex and relationships, where do we learn what love and passion look like? Who teaches us what great sex is and how to create healthy relationships that can last more than a night? What if, until now, you had no one to turn to that would tell you the truth? Do you fear getting judged or punished just for asking?

We Get It, and We are Here to Help.

This self-directed online course is a taped version of our popular live program that we have been performing for 10 years. Constantly updated with current medical data, Sex Ed Boot Camp raises the bar on what we know. And it gives us all a shared language to begin forging bonds with the same information. We also give students a new opportunity – to redefine how they look at sexuality as a pleasure-seeking journey instead of solely avoiding pain or consequence. What if we were all taught that sexual exploration – alone or with a consensual partner - is a normal, natural part of the human experience? If mutual pleasure and connection- from a place of mutual respect can be the goal, what could our communities look like? Imagine the love and acceptance that would exist.

Sneak Peek Trailer – Here is a 10 minute segment from the main program – a little taste of what this college experience is like!

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Lifetime access to the course & all materials
  • Learn from the comfort of your device at your own pace with no judgement.
  • Affordable – We want to keep our courses accessible to students directly. You have the power to find your own educational resources. (If you believe your school should offer this class, please have them contact us!)

This Course Includes

  • Over 90 minutes of video content in bite sized topic specific conversations
  • PDF downloads of Handouts & Optional Activities
  • Email support for your questions directly with Dr. Joni & Esther
Ready to Learn?

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Gain insight as to how people are currently learning about sex and relationships – and how differing cultural norms & references can affect our expectations.
  2. Develop an understanding of the 4 Pillars of Healthy Relationships.
  3. Develop a full understanding of male & female anatomy as it pertains to sexual health and response.
  4. Become an Expert at negotiating consent using the Pre-Sex Talk.
  5. Gain a clear understanding about alcohol and how it relates and may negate consent. Understand Title IX and how to prevent sexual violence.
  6. Learn all safer sex techniques and create your own preparedness strategy for sexual encounters.
  7. Understand and embrace your sexuality, as you define it, if and when you choose to share your body.
  8. Become comfortable sharing intimate information with a partner and create a plan for communicating how you experience pleasure, discuss health status, and any other pertinent information.
  9. Develop an understanding about the fluidity of sexual orientation and gender identity. Learn how to connect with marginalized members of your campus community.
  10. Become more confident and self-aware when making relationship choices.

“Joni and Esther were amazing to work with! Flexible in approach and willing to tailor their presentation for our campus, they provided a very informative and inclusive program well seasoned with humor and plain talk. The lasting impression they made on our students can be measured through comments like “I think I’m going to respect myself more sexually and be safe every time,” “Take your intoxicated friends home so they don’t make irrational decisions,” and “I feel I have more responsibility than I thought for my friends.” We don’t often get feedback that programs on sexual decision making should be longer, but that was the consensus here!”

Alane Varga, Dean of Students, Utica College

What's Included?

Here’s What You'll Learn

Section 1


Welcome to our “Stage version” of Sex Ed Boot Camp!

Section 2

Sex Ed Boot Camp Live from 2020!

Recorded at Palm Beach State College in February 2020, this is a fun version of our live program! Sit back, relax and remember the days when we could be in a room with hundreds of people, giggling with anticipation. We will cover a full range of topics including- where we learn about sex, what healthy relationships look like, basic anatomy for sexual function and pleasure, sexual orientation and gender expression, and safer sex for every act. Since this is a college audience, we also cover alcohol & consent, Title IX, and how to intervene if a friend is in a violent or escalating relationship. We interact with the audience, designing a Pre-Sex talk to negotiate consent, set boundaries and explore what turns you on.

Section 3

Sex and COVID - Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that the world has shifted, we need to consider COVID precautions and how that affects our choices around dating and sex play. While we all want to get back to a version of the world before COVID, some things may have changed forever -and that may be a good thing. The time has come to look at our prior decision-making paradigms and use the lessons from the pandemic to move forward. Use seeking joy as your purpose – for all aspects of your life – and watch how your world expands and opportunities for joy appear.

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This also makes a great conversation starter if you are a parent or guardian.

For Institutional Use

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This program is a virtual, self-directed way for students to engage in conversations about Consent & sexual violence prevention This meets Title IX/Clery Act guidelines. It can also serve as a resource for agencies and counselors who work with young adults struggling with issues surrounding consent.

We are happy to offer institutional rates for bulk enrollment. Please contact us to discuss multi user discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More about the Course and What to Expect after Your Purchase

This course is designed for anyone who feels they need clarification about consent and seeks more tools on how to set boundaries and safely explore their sexuality. Our traditional student has been 18 – 25 and all genders and orientations are welcome. This is a sex positive course based on medically accurate information.

No, you can access the course anytime, any where you can connect to the internet.

Once you purchase the course and create your account and profile, you’ll get access to the entire course, all its modules and supporting PDF’s. You can log in any time, from any computer that has an internet connection.

The video lectures are short intimate conversations with PDF handouts covering the high points & offering helpful resources. You can print these out or download them for future use or to share with a friend. You will also find PDF optional activities to encourage introspection and clarity.

After you purchase, you'll get instant access to the course materials. You'll also be sent a confirmation email, which you'll need to click in order to get access to the course again in future.